Steroid injection in my knee

Hi all. Had a 2nd steroid injection in my knee today. The Dr who did it this time gave me completely different advice than last time. Last time I was told to get on with my day to day work as a teacher and avoid exercise for 3 days. Today I was told keep off my feet for 48 hours and don’t exercise for 2 weeks. Wondered what guidance others had received? Thanks if you can help!


  • stickywicket
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    I've always been told to take it easy for 48 hours in order to keep the injection in the knee rather than encouraging it to disperse. Certqinly avoid exercise.

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  • Peebs
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    Thanks. This doctor did say needed to keep it in the knee rather than squeezing it out.

  • Lambourne
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    I have had 5 knee injections in total and have alway been told to take it easy for a day or two after. Incidentally I paid for Two of these, one of which aid also had hydralauric acid injected and it has brought the best results of all, sadly NHS don’t fund it.

  • MrDJ
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    bit late to reply but better late than never.

    sounds like latest doctor gave wrong advice.

    ive had steroid knee injections and drainage for about 20 years. they actually stopped them around 5 years ago as they said too much risk of infection.

    My consultant of 25 years who sadly passed away earlier this year has always said rest for at least 48 hours. even walking from the department to the carpark would waste the jab as it would disperse all around the knee and not give the relief to the area it was intended for. he always insisted i bring in my crutches to take some strain off the knee or phone for a porter to take me back to my car.

    same as a radiologist ive worked with for over 35 years. he sometimes used to do the jab under ultrasound guided and he said exactly the same thing. any other part of the body is fine to carry on but when it comes to legs your body wheight will always disperse the injection and stop it working where the inflamation is.