Aura Migraines

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Does anyone here suffer from aura migraines? Have you found a link with arthritis?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis & have had migraines on & off since puberty but for the last couple of years I have suffered from repeated aura migraines which usually pass after 20mins without medication thankfully there is usually no pain but I find them so unnerving. I’ve been mulling over causes for the increased frequency in attacks & have a phone appointment to review my arthritis medication soon (& a dental check up, another possible aggravating factor) I am on Tocilizumab, Celecoxib & occasional Amiltryptline.

I thought it may be linked to me starting biologic treatment as the aura migraines started around the same time. The trouble is so did the menopause & also Covid 19 restrictions & my needing a knee replacement has lead to a big decrease in exercise & getting out in the fresh air. Maybe it’s a combination of all these things but boy does it get me down. I just want to find the cause, treat it & move on, but life’s never that simple.

Sometimes I jest & say ‘Oh just add it to the ever increasing list of ailments’ but it is causing me worry, the thought of interfering with my arthritis treatment again because of it adds to my concern.


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    Wow @MissA

    you are me!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also have them. When the menopause first started for me every few weeks or so I would have about 4 days worth of them up to 7 per day very debilitating aren't they? Got trapped out many times unable to drive until they cleared.

    The migraine pain only came with the last of them.

    Unfortunately the fact I have migraines with aura has meant that I have been unable to have HRT which I am certain would have cured them just like that.

    Luckily I do think that for me the worst of it is over so hang on in there (although you ought to mention them to your Dr just so they know next time you see one).

    Sending some ((()))

    Toni x

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    I occasionally get zigzaggy lines in one eye. I've never had proper migraines except, possibly, before I started to use a memory foam shaped pillow. Then I could wake up with a splitting headache which sometime made me sick and only went after an hour or so in my neck collar. But I had no visual disturbances. Once I did - only seldom - I checked with my optician who said nothing to worry about if it was only occasional, even though, once, a neat quarter of my vision disappeared.

    It's not the menopause with me as it only started much later. Meds? I've been on the same meth and hydroxy since long before. I've wondered if it was connected with too much screen gazing.

    This might help

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    Thank you so much both of you.

    Driving has become such a worry for me as I have been caught out a couple of time & had to pull over until it passed. They come on so quickly I get so nervous, I avoid driving unless I absolutely have to, which I know is not an ideal habit to get into.

    Screen time, yes I have to admit being restricted in my mobility has meant I spend far too much time looking at my phone & I wondered if that was adding to the problem.

    I had an opticians appointment this year & he said everything looked healthy there so at least that went some way to reassure me.

    I wouldn’t wish such ailments on anyone but it is reassuring to know I am not alone. Thanks guys x

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    I have had the occasional migraine over the years, I do get a lot of visual migraines and over the last fours years have had split vision ones ( a slightly different view out of each eye) which goes after a short period. If i do nothing about the visual migraines they turn nasty on me (shutting my eyes, wearing glasses or sunglasses or going into a darkened room helps) with headaches coming on, causes can be bright sunlight or abrupt change of sunlight from shaded to bright.

    The optician says I have larger lensed eyes than most and to see my eyes shaded more often. I am happy to sit in less well lit areas (no, my fangs haven't grown!).

    its a grin, honest!