Just had whole elbow replacement at 39 yrs old :/

Hi, I would love to talk to other young people- yes I am actually young in this context!😁 who have had whole elbow replacements.

I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis aged 3, then rheumatoid aged 16 years and been living with it ever since. I just had a whole elbow replacement, unlinked 2 1/2 weeks ago and would really like to speak to others who have gone through it. Thanks


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    Hi @Harri

    Welcome to the Online Community. Here you'll find a friendly bunch of people with different types of arthritis, who are happy to help.

    Wow! you are pretty young to have your elbow replaced, but if it needs doing, then it needs doing. I hope you're recovering well from your surgery and are starting to feel the benefits. Of course, you still need to take it easy as it's still early days so you will be healing.

    I've added in a link below on elbow replacement that you might like to take a look at.

    Best wishes


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