SHARE - Scottish Health Research Register and Biobank

I received a letter and brochure regarding SHARE with my latest hospital appointment letter. It's a register of patients willing to have any leftover blood from routine blood testing to be used for approved research. The samples need to be linked to your health records so the research is aware of your conditions. All samples are then de-identified (is that really a word) so they will not be traced back to the donor. It's planned to use the blood samples for gene reseach into specific diseases.

Personally I think this is a good idea and I've signed up to it.This only covers Scotland but I would have thought it's a good idea globally considering the amount of routine blood tests we all do.


  • stickywicket
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    Thanks for - dare I say it? - SHAREing that, @jamieA . I've signed up, I'm sure Mr SW and the Scottish branch of our family will as soon as they get my email and I can advertise it in our church notices too. Everyone gains: no-one loses. Brilliant

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    I've signed up as well. Thanks for the info.