This is why we can't get orthopaedic operations

Plus, of course, a lack of blood for if we need any.

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  • There are huge staffing shortfalls in the NHS. Staff are burnt out after COVID and they're leaving in droves. It doesn't matter if there's capacity in theatre, if there's no staff to operate and treat you, it's not safe. Unfortunately it's not a desirable career path anymore - I've worked with paramedics and nursing staff who have all left the NHS to be landscape gardeners or shopkeepers. The dock workers earn more than these staff yet they have the ability to save your life and work long 12 hour shifts with often no break, no food and no support. It's not sustainable.

  • Lambourne
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    I agree, the NHS is understaffed and staff are underpaid. The government appear to be trying to push people to use the private sector but beware, this is not the answer. I was referred to my local private hospital as an NHS patient as NHS hospital had no available appointments, the consultant I saw was dismissive to the point of rudeness and basically told me they could no do my knee operation there because my BMI was higher then ideal and if there were any complications they would be unable to deal with them.

    The answer to the medical care issues many of us face is for the NHS to be properly funded and fully staffed, sadly this will not happen without a change of government.