Living in pain - no diagnosis

just looking some advice. Over the past two year I have been having recurrent sore throats, seem to be nearly every other week but haven't needed medication treatment. Since having my two children I have always had 'stiff hips' and any time I took up running had to stop after a few runs due to knee pain. About 4 weeks ago developed very sore joints in my hands that become increasing pain full with movements such as typing, holding phone when talking on it, driving any distance, Cutting up meat, turning small door lock turns, opening fridge door etc. Feels like a toothache in the joints. I have also dropped a number of items that normally I wouldn't eg gravy boat. The pain has moved to my shoulders and elbows (not continuous) and have also had episodes of pain in my knees, hips and feet, knees becoming increasingly more stiff. Pain made increasing worse by cold weather - going out today and realising it was 4C was increasing painful.

Hands are swollen around joints but not continuously as are toes. I have been on high dose of naproxen for 3 weeks and this has made it manageable but still notably there and have required co-codamol on several occasions. Recently GP changed it to piroxican gel, which had little effect and had to go back on naproxen after 3 days. Other symptoms include fatigue, dry eyes, hair loss at temples. GP suspects RA has ordered several sets of bloods and pervious CRP is 66, now back to 'normal' and anti CCP in 'normal'. GP advised this week that I would probably need a referral to rheumatology but the waiting list is over 1 year at present, so going private to be seen sooner. Hand xrays have came back 'normal'. however GP has said ulnar deviation from pip joint on both middle fingers and appear to be getting claw toe on one toe in right foot. Has anyone any suggestions as what i need to do next? Know I cant keep going with this level of pain at 32 yrs old as it is having an effect on work/family life as well as bringing to have an effect on my mental health. Just hate not having any answers.

Thank you for reading and any suggestions welcome 🙂