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Hi all hope you are all doing well. I've not been on for a while as different health issues had to have a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago no cancer but a bowel disease i got quite poorly and my crp level was 56 since then i have been experiencing painful elbows and heels and I feel run down so my gp has referred me back to rheumatology just to get checked by them just incase and then today I have woken up to a really painful right shoulder im struggling with my mental health as it is i just don't know what to do or what to think with my body its just one thing after the other and now I don't know if I am starting with RA or could it just be more OA sorry for the long rant it's just I've really had enough now


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    Hello @Jewels so good to hear that your test was cancer free. I can understand that all this is getting you down, but you are among supportive friends here. Have a look through the following, might help

    Hope you feel better soon

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    I feel for you i have ssme problem with every single joint is playing up and with that snd my asthma it feels my body having a fight with it self and im the referee it getting down so i know how bad you are and do get my sympathy. See if your gp will refer you to the pain clinic its aa long wait ive been waiting 7-8 months and ask my gp if she can escalate it teice still havent heard anything. Going to have another go at her about it. Wish you luck hope you'll feel better soon

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    Thankyou @Peawhips I hope you feel better soon as well i might ask for my bloods to be done again and see if my crp levels are up again x

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    I will assume that most of us have or had an issue with the state of our minds at some time during the course of this disease, it’s hard to think straight with constant pain.

    good luck.

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    Hi all just a quick update i was rushed into hospital at the weekend after having a bad seizure following one of my silent migraine they took my bloods which came back as esr i think was 25 im experiencing sore elbows feet 2 of my toes have swelled up i went to my gp who says it could be either rheumatoid or psoriasis arthritis and to wait for my appointment with rheumatoid but I rung the hospital yesterday and they said there's a 35 week wait i really don't want to wait that long as I just feel poorly every single day and I am worried my raised markers will go up more should I go back to my gp and ask to be referred as urgent anyone with advice would be much appreciated xx

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    You have had a rough ride and are, understandibly, concerned. Do remember, though, that ESR rates can be raised by other things. Maybe your bowel problem? And OA can be had in multiple joints.

    Having said that, if things get worse and you are more worrieď do let your GP know. I don't know if your rheumatology appt. could be expediteď. There are such log jams right now. But it's as well to keèp your GP updated with any changes. Good luck.

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    Thanks @stickywicket im literally at the doctors every other week 😂they'll get sick of the sight of me soon xx