Pain & stiffness

Morning , it's 5am & I've been up nearly a hr had my painkillers & am sat with a cuppa & my bean bag on my back waiting for my painkillers to kick in normally 1 to 2 hrs before I'm comfortable enough to have my shower when people moan about having to get up at 8am I want to scream at them you don't know how lucky you are I wish I could sleep my average is 6 hrs broken sleep due to pain.

Anyway I've finally got a date for my new MRI scan on my back it's the 27th it's 4 yrs since my last one I've got no problem being in the scanner it's just lying flat on my back which is the problem so they normally have to put wedge foam supports under me , still waiting for my follow up at the hospital with my pain consultant I sent my 6 wk pain diary in Aug following my steroid I had in Jun which didn't work , I've got my flu jab this Thurs & my covid booster on the 28th I feel like pin cushion at times the joy of getting older !