Cimzia rash

I started cimzia in august and had to stop due to side effects and rash. On day 1 the skin around both injection sites went white and was reported under the yellow card scheme. Out of nowhere on day 9 a big red rash developed.

last week I restarted cimzia with two injections as a loading dose. The following day I had a big red skin reaction which then calmed down (picture 1) but then today on day 8 the rash came up in blisters.( picture 2)

This happened on both injection sites.

Has anyone experienced this?

Picture 1

Picture 2


  • noddingtonpete
    noddingtonpete Moderator Posts: 826

    Hi @Lisa1982 have you consulted your GP or pharmacist about this as seems to be a reaction and they can suggest a course of action. It could be normal (I don't take it so can't help there) or an allergic reaction to something. Best to get it checked out as soon as possible.

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