Broadband customers on benefits - Don't miss out

Millions of people should pay less for broadband, says watchdog

'Social tariffs are low-cost broadband deals offered to customers on benefits and cost about £15 a month.''

All of those in receipt of Universal Credit are eligible, although some providers extend eligibility to those in receipt of other benefits, such as Pension Credit, Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker's Allowance and Income Support.@

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  • scotleag
    scotleag Member Posts: 84

    We got a really good deal with BT - £20 pcm for average 76Mb download speed. I believe it's available at slightly less for a slower speed but still way above what we had before. Unfortunately for us our deal runs out next week and our universal credit stopped last month. We've been told we can downgrade to the lower speed for £15 pcm or be moved on to a similar package as now at £25 pcm. Haven't made our minds up yet. One important thing is if you're eligible at the start of the contract then it stays like that for twelve months even if you lose eligibility during that time.

    Don't know if there are others out there with similar deals but it certainly pays to shop around.