Joint swelling


Can anyone tell me how to upload a photo onto the chat box as I cant seem to find the way to so it.

My knees swell to the point where my right knee cap pushes up and I find it difficult to stand straight when pain is really bad.

Does anyone else experience this?

I will post a photo to show 8f I figure put how to do so.


  • MammaBuckz
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    Hi @JulieT123

    Welcome to our Online Community. You'll find a friendly bunch of people here, with different types of arthritis, who are happy to help.

    I understand you're wanting to upload a photo of your swollen knee. It may be worth reading the link below, showing step by step instructions on how to add photos and videos to your posts.

    Swelling of the knee is not uncommon in arthritis, but if it is severe and affecting your mobility, then there are somethings you could do to help manage it. Using icepacks, NSAIDs, and specific movements to alleviate stiffness can help.

    Hope you manage to upload your photo and some of the tips to help with your swollen knee are helpful.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes

    MammaBuckz - Moderator

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