Arthritis on my fingers

Sorry I've not used tht cream yet only off on but I need to put on coz I'd like hve my fingers back to wat thy was so I can do things better coz it will help me in future.


  • Poppyjane
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    Hi @Tigs

    Yes, it is just something else to remember! Keep trying the cream more often and let us know how you are getting on.

    Take care


  • airwave
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    And heat!

  • Tigs
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    Thanks and yes I will il keep useing it till I see if it works if it dose thm IL let u all knw thm send you links for it thm u can buy it dose tht sound fair to you

  • Ribble
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    I’ve got nodes on several finger joints. Would like to know what cream is being recommended here. They aren’t painful fingers x luckily so don’t know if I will need it but it’s worth knowing.

  • noddingtonpete
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    Hello @Ribble and welcome to the community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that that will be your experience as well.

    One cream which is useful is Capsaicin which is only available on prescription.

    I have arthritis in my thumbs so tend to use this cream to ease the pain, but a word or warning is don't get it near your eyes or mouth as it is made from chillies. I usually apply it and then wear compression gloves over it so I don't inadvertently wipe my eyes or similar.

    I am sure other people have different suggestions, but please remember we are all different and what helps one doesn't always do much for another.

    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on

    With very best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

  • Ribble
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    hello noddingtonpete,

    I’ve heard of capsaicin so will try this if they are painful.

    many thanks


  • Tigs
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    Il see if this cream works first I got try it thou