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Hi, was put in steroids while waiting to get an urgent referral to RA dept at hospital 3 months ago, saw consultant 3 weeks ago & put on Methotrexate & been reducing steroids since, down to 1 tablet a day now & end them on Thursday..been getting headaches & sleep is not good, start off with about 3 hours then am literally waking up for an hour/sleeping for an hour for rest of night 🤔is this normal while coming off steroids ? Seeing consultant again in 2 weeks but thought I'd ask in here ☺️ wld appreciate any feedback as all this is very new to me


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    Morning @Angel666 I myself have never taking steroids over along period having only ever had the depot steroid jabs in my rear.

    However I have known people on here take months to ween themselves off of them of course they may have been on very much higher doses than you were on I don't know. I do know headaches are a definite sign of withdrawal. Would you rather slow things down or keep ploughing on? It might be worth a chat with a Dr about the issues you are having or a pharmacist? Get some reassurance that it won't be for ever.

    Sending best of luck

    Toni x

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    Thanks Toni, was on 20mg a day & now down to 5mg, was the RA consultant who upped it to this amount & wanted me to come off over 4 weeks but another 2 weeks till I see him so yes if next week no better I will take your advice & contact him or gp ☺️ Thankyou so much for replying to me I appreciate it, it is all abit daunting at first but hope to have meds sorted soon & reading up as much as I can to help myself understand this disease..