chiropractic treatment

I highly recomend chiropractic treatment. I have been having it for over 30 yrs. It started from having neck pain and sciatica for 6 months resulting from a car crash years ago. I now have osteoarthritis and have knackered hips, lower back, hands and feet. Without my chiropractic treatment every 3 weeks I would literally not be able to function...home life or work. I have changed jobs 3 times in the last year and now work just 2 nights a week. I am 58 by the way and although only diagnosed 18 months I believe it has been going on slowly for years...not being helped by being a carer for 20 yrs and the menapause! I am also still frustrated by lack of pain relief...only on paracetamol which is useless. I have tried naproxen and co codamol to no avail as I have acid reflux and got every side effect going including heart racing and wheezing to the point I now am on 2 inhalers. Very frustrating.

I also find driving a small car now uncomfortable and I do ride a motorbike which is easier apart from thumb pain after a while!

There does not seem much pain relief option if you cannot take anti inflams.

I have a friend on gabapentin but again side effects outway the benefits!

pain is very tiring and depressing and more so at this time of year. I have days I cannot even make myself go outside and I love the outdoors and going for a walk.