Swollen knees

Has anyone problems with swollen knees, if so how do you manage your day to day activities.


  • stickywicket
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    My experience of arthritis is that joints swell. We sometimes have to modify our activities, We have to do exercises with them gently even when flaring. A knee support can help as long as it' not overused.. Strong muscles are better.

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  • Fif
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    Yes, my knees are often swollen and stiff, but as Stickywicket says, you have to keep moving. In my experience, there are peaks and troughs, but if you stop exercising everything goes downhill and it's an almighty effort to make any progress. Sticks help for walking. I now have handrails on both sides of our stairs which really assist both going up and down. I'm sure other people will have helpful tips.