I am awaiting a new hip replacement & after recent X RAY it appears I have a cyst on the femoral bone which I'm told is caused by my Osteoarthritis. Is this common & will this be rid of once my new hip is replaced? Thank you


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    Thank you for your post on the forum and my apologies for the delay in responding to you. I see that you are to have a hip replacement and are asking if the cyst on your femur is common and will this be rid of once your new hip is replaced. As we are not medically trained this is not something we can really answer and I would suggest that you speak to the surgeon doing the surgery to find out if they will remove it or, you could also contact your GP now and check if they are aware of the answer to this. You could also post this question on our ‘Living with arthritis’ forum as well to see if others have experienced the same thing. 

    I have put a link below to the Living with Arthritis Forum and also to our information on Hip Replacements for your information. I hope that this is helpful.

    Living with Arthritis Forum

    Hip Replacement Surgery

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    I know I'm not a helpline person @Hippie but just wanted to say I have heard other people on the forum mention cysts due to their Osteoarthritis. It makes sense that your replacement should deal with it for you, but I think I would ask a medical person maybe the consultant or your GP as Dawn suggests.

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