A positive day ☺️

So after a very quick onset of RA, one week I was ok to the next week in severe pain & swollen joints I was literally a fit 59 yr old who walked everywhere & did Zumba twice a week as well as being my husband's full time carer for the past 10 years leading to an urgent referral to hospital & being seen within a week it's been a rollercoaster of appointments, x-rays, numerous blood tests, being put on steroids for last 3 months & methotrexate 3 weeks ago I've been given the ok after weaning off steroids under supervision that tomorrow is my last day of taking them for now 🎉🎉 after a few months of trying to get my head around it all & emotions swinging all over the place I'm feeling abit more positive about everything & have just got myself an RA friendly fitness dvd to start at home plus an RA friendly recipe book to cook up some yummy things I hope 😅 & got everything ready to start my Christmas crafting...a busy mind is a happy & positive one 👍 know there will be difficult times ahead but for today I'm HAPPY 😁


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    Good for you! With such a positive attitude you'll do well. Yes, there'll be ups and downs (don't I know it) but you just have to keep going and make the best of things. Hope your Christmas plans go well.

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    Morning @Angel666

    That is really really great to hear. Well done you. That is so the right attitude. For me I woke up in bed in my very early 40s 'stuck' in position very shocking it is too isn't it? Some of course are even younger than that, but whatever the age getting an inflammatory Arthritis is not what we planned for our lives is it? No one deserves to get RA or any Arthritis.

    You have done really well getting your head around this shock so quickly and I applaud you. I hope things will get better and better for you , that MTX is exactly right and works indefinitely 😊

    I also hope you'll keep posting and supporting other people who may be in need of a shoulder and your experience.

    Well done again.

    Toni x

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    Excellent. And thanks for sharing. I do hope the methotrexate works as well for you as it has done for me for many years.

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