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I have been referred to the pain clinic due to the hip injection not giving pain relief. I have received a letter stating wait times up to 8 months. I am in a lot of pain when walking and have to stop and sit. I have arthritis in both hips and spine which they say is mild. I’m worried that if it is mild why am I in such pain. The pain is terrible and is now going in my right arm and shoulders.


  • stickywicket
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    Pain is an individual thing and we all experience it differently. One thing is sure, though. The more we concentrate on it the worse it feels.

    My go to solutions are exercises and distraction. You may feel you're getting enough exercise but it's so important to keep the muscles surrounding the dodgy joints strong and supportive and ordinary walking doesn't do this. Try here

    As for distraction, whatever does it for you. I love cricket, baseball, rugby (I don't play these, only watch!) puzzles, reading and, most importantly, chatting to friends and ensuring several laughs per day.

    Try to do things that make you feel good.

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    many thanks for the link I ll definitely do the exercises.