frustrating hands!

How many times have I sat in a public toilet and not been able to find the end of the toilet paper, so much so I have to allow extra time to go. I have asked my family to always make sure the end of the toilet paper is hanging diwn to make it easier, but they sometimes forget. It is bad enough trying to tear it off when it is down!

O hands of mine are failing me so much!

Days when my fingers won't even register on my phone screen. Trying to undo a jar or bottle with a rubber grip and still struggling. Trying to hold an electric toothbrush at the right angle and not stab my gums!

Even just trying to splash water on my face and not flood the floor. Trying to wash my hair with the shower spray and my angle is wrong so the curtains get washed too! (only a small bathroom).

Even washing dishes I end up with soap suds down the cupboard and on the floor.

Thank goodness for pre chopped vege or I would be all day trying to cut them up!

Even using my corldless vacuum I can't quite get it at the right angle so the handle gets caught in my sleeve.

O poor hands of mine. what it is to have arthritis! At least I can still ride a motorbike with thick gloves and heated grips!

Although frustrated I laugh at what I do badly.

Always look on the lighter side of life!

This has tajen me a while to type as I kerp missdng the letters! LOL


  • stickywicket
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    😁 But at least you can laugh at it all. Laughter is always precious but doubly so with arthritis.

    Oh, loo rolls! I always make sure they're accessible before sitting down. Families? In one ear and out the other.

    Phone screen? I try not to have to use the keyboard. As I tried to explain to a, similarly arthritic, friend when first using one 'I have the erong gingers for a touch keyboard'. I use a desktop (preferably) , tablet when I must and phone (with stylus) when all other options are unavailable.

    Rubber jar grips are for the slightly stiff fingered ones. Get electric can and jar openers. Electric toothbrushes - infinitely better than non-electric but often necessitating another pair of - preferably non-arthritic - hands.

    My face is usually showered. My hair? I use Mr SW for that. It ensures the entire bathroom gets a good wash too.

    I am, unfortunately, good at washing up.

    I use frozen chopped veg when necessary. Normally I have a go, two handed, with the one knife I can use, though. So much more taste in the veg. So far, I've only chopped my finger once.

    I love my cordless vac. (How sad am I?) but have permanent bruises on my forearm from using it to lift with.

    Motorbike???? Please tell me which roads and I'll avoid them😉

    Carry on carrying on.

    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
    Steven Wright
  • ellyb39
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    I think it is so frustrating, i find things like conditioner difficult to squeeze out of the little jars, my hands are not strong enough, cannot cut up a squash or a turnip. The other day i spent ten minutes trying to open a jar of jam, I do need those grip things. I find playing the piano helps to keep my fingers supple.

  • frogmorton
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    I think I am allowed to say this if not please delete mods, but 'Arthr'

    have some things to help hands and they have a flash sale on. no idea for how long.

    Toni x

    I think arthr are endorsed by VA?🤔