Big Toe Joint Pain- Undiagnosed, Help!

Hello everyone,

My name is Mike, I and 33 years old. Have always been active and in late July I had some debilitating big toe joint pain that was severe. I thought it could have been gout, but my doctor didn’t think so since my Uric Acid Levels were in the normal range. The pain mostly went away and became more manageable. Maybe 2 weeks later the pain came back and ever since I have had persistent redness and swelling in the toe joint, have had multiple X-rays and an MRI which showed some mild Osteoarthritis and slight hallux limitus. The doctors are at a loss of what could be happing with my toe. I have taken Mythoprednosne dose oaks and have had a cortisone shot, none which have worked.

I have been pretty down in the dumps about this all and frustrated. I feel guilty not being able to run around with my 2 year old son.

Wish there was a way to post photos, but hopefully someone can help me and provide some guidance. Thanks again!