Newly diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis

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Hi! I'm 27, and have been recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. I'm reaching out for any information on how to accept and come to terms with living with a chronic disease. I've never had limitations prior to when my symptoms started about a year ago. After getting diagnosed a couple of months ago, I'm struggling emotionally and physically with adapting to limits caused by this disease.

Any suggestions, comments, info, or stories would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!☺️


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    Hi @keenwill4

    welcome to the community, lovely to meet you. Coming to terms with having a long term condition is not the easiest thing and it does take time. Because psoriatic arthritis goes up and down quite a lot it can be hard to accept the good days and the bad. My suggest is very much to live in the moment, try not to think about what you used to be able to do or compare the days. That route tends to lead to feeling low. It is a bit of a mind trick but personally after living with psoriatic arthritis for 40 years now (diagnosed aged 20) I have found it has kept be a bit more balanced. Be gentle with yourself and as honest as you can be with family and friends.

    Your health team are also going to be key so be honest with them too and keeping nagging if your treatment isn't working. Looking after your joints and making time for yourself is also a great way to really listen to your body. I do wish I had done this earlier. You don't mention work but remeber they need to make reasonable adjustments for you.

    I will stop now as I know our amazing members will share ideas and stories with you

    Best Wishes


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    i don’t have the same type of arthritis as you, but I do have several chronic illnesses including artsy and fibro, diabetes, asthma and more.

    sometimes I’ve coped with a new diagnosis with ease, seemingly brushing it off as nothing much, just another condition to add to the list. Other times I’ve gone through a period of shock and disbelief. I try and stay upbeat as much as I can, but I do suffer depression as well and get my down times. It’s not always easy realising I can’t do things I used to, or things other people my age can. It helps to chat to other people, even if it’s not about the conditions themselves. It makes me feel isolated a lot, going out can sometimes feel more of a struggle than it’s worth. So I explored hobbies I can at home, and got into a lot of craft hobbies.

    it’s hard to remember to pace myself as well. I’ll have a better day and overdo things, then pay for it for the next few days to week.

    You’ve got to be a strong person living with any chronic condition, and it does make you a stronger person I feel. My main aim is to keep telling myself not to give in, to keep mobile as much as I can, and not feel guilty when I can’t do things. I’m still working on the not feeling guilty sort!

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    i joined today. Had my diagnosis today, it’s taken a year.

    i feel a bit shocked but also angry with the hospital doctor’s attitude to what medication I should take with no discussion.

    start of a long journey for us!

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    Hi @BoonieB

    Welcome to our online community, glad that you've joined.

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience with your doctor. It's a shame you weren't able to have a proper discussion about your medication and ask questions. If there is another appointment coming up or if you have the number to the consultant team, you can take this opportunity to ask some questions and clarify some things.

    We'd suggest posting in our Living with arthritis forum to get some more information and experiences from others that you may find helpful.

    You can also read through our website to find and read more information too.

    Best wishes,

    Sharmin :)

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    Hi @keenwill4 I have just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis after a year of coping, sort of, with a bad knee. I have found that having a diagnosis is somewhat of a relief. I finally know what is wrong even if it does mean that there is no easy fix.

    I have found when facing other problems in life that acceptance takes time, this is a lot to be getting your head around. I admit that I haven't managed it yet. There seems to be so much new terminology, drugs and blood tests that it feels like I have little control over the process. That's why I joined the community to try and take some initiative back 😄