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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone else has gone through this? I’m really struggling as I was originally diagnosed with (Psoriatic arthritis), although I don’t have psoriasis. However as time has gone on, I get rashes, my lymph glands are always up and I always have a low white blood count and it’s looking more and more like lupus. My joints also look ok and then they found inflammation in my wrists during a scan. Does anyone else have similar symptoms or feel confused and struggle with their GPS?

really appreciate any feedback,

bea xx



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    Hi @Bea371 have a look through the following and if you think it may be you then I would get back in touch with your GP

    Best wishes


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    I have RA but it's certainly possible to have PsA without psoriasis. However, whatever form of inflammatory arthritis we have, the DMARDS are more or less the same so, even if you did have lupus, your meds would be unlikely to change. Do discuss it with your rheumatology team, though. (Why are you struggling with your GP? Th8s is one for the rheumatologist surely?)

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