Is a cortisone injection in the hip really painful?

Im finally booked in for a cortisone injection in my hip for next Wednesday!! Can anyone tell me what to expect during the procedure please? X


  • alexander1
    alexander1 Member Posts: 70

    Hi it really is worth having. They do it under a scan so they can guide the needle to the exact point. It is uncomfortable I won’t lie, but the short term pain gave me several months of relief.

    if you are at this stage prepare yourself for hip replacement. Again painful recovery but so worth it.

    good luck

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Edgey_75

    I had one for bursitis in my hip twice and coped both times. I am a wimp so you can do it!

    Don't forget to rest for a day or so afterwards to keep the steroid in the area it's needed for as long as possible.

    Oh and let us know how you get on🤞

    Toni x

  • Edgey_75
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    Thank you both. I’m just happy I’m finally going to get some pain relief!

    Terri x