Foot has swelled up near ankle

Hi all I could do with some advice as you know I've been having problems and i am waiting on a appointment with rheumatology I've just took my sock off and near to my heel and ankle it has swollen up

Do i just elevate it or do i need to put maybe a cold or hot compress on it?


  • frogmorton
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    Both cold compress and elevate is my opinion @Jewels

    I hope it eases off for you soon. I also take my anti-inflams when mine swell up. Hope the appointment comes through soon.


    Toni x

  • CCM
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    It could be a symptom of other conditions, so have a talk to your GP or NHS 111.

  • Jewels
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    Thanks for the advice @frogmorton and also @CCM I was at my gp yesterday to get my scan results on my shoulder it's come back as oa starting there now and he written a letter to rheumatology as there's a 40 week wait to get them to see me quicker.The swelling has gone down a bit but heel is still really sore going to get a nice hot bath it's the only thing that takes all the aches and pains away for a while 🤞😁

  • frogmorton
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    Well done @Jewels speaking to your GP (great advice @CCM well spotted)

    40 week is a long time to wait, but at least the swelling had eased, but you have the evidence in a photo.

    I'm so glad the bath helps you so much take care ((()))

    Toni x