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Hi, have the meeting groups started up again since covid? I would really like to go to a local group as I feel really isolated. Non of my friends understand the level of pain and fatigue or limitations it places on me to do things.


  • frogmorton
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    @grom have you had a look in your area?

    then you can contact someone there and give it a go maybe?

    It is lovely to speak to people who understand isn't it? That's what I love about here.

    Toni x

  • Hi @grom

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum and for enquiring about our Versus Arthritis support groups. I am glad that @frogmorton (Toni) has given you a link to In your area, to see what groups may be near you.

    Many of our groups have started meeting face to face again since easing of the restrictions of the Covid pandemic. There are also Online Activities taking place in some areas.

    Please get in touch on 0300 790 0433 or email [email protected] before attending any branches or groups for the first time.

    If you would like to have more replies to your post, please repost on our 'living with arthritis' forum which is another source of support to help you to be in touch with others facing similar challenges.

    I hope you find the information given below of some help. This link will take you to the main page of our website where you will find information about conditions, managing your symptoms, exercise, surgery, complementary medicines and strategies and tips for living with arthritis. 

    Best wishes,

    Fiona, Helpline Advisor 

  • grom
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    Thank you so much for your help Toni and Fiona. I will check it out.

  • Faballball
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    I live in Milton Keynes, doesn't seem to be anything regarding arthritis in my area. No drop in centre, no groups to meet up, nothing. Only thing I've found is Aylesbury Bucks but thats too far to travel on a regular basis.

    desperate to find like minded company, coffee morning, knitting group. Anything that stops the isolation!

    would love to find anything in my area.

  • Hi @Faballball

    I'm sorry if local groups are not currently as local as you would need.

    Do please give us a ring here at the Helpline if you'd like a chat about your arthritis.

    I think the search works best if you put a postcode into it, and for more information you might want to talk to Supporter Care on 0300 790 0400.

    A good option for peer support in the meantime is the living with arthritis part of the Online Community.

    All the best

    Guy - Helpline Team