Cocoa Low Sugar Low Fodmap Healthy

Hi any recommendations likely online not more than £5 per jar ect. Hot Chocolate makes Winter melt away hah! thanks.


  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,032

    Sad little vegan here who has yet to find decent hot choc. So far my fave is chocolate oatly heated up.

    The other thing I liked (last year if it's out again this year🤞) was ribena's winter spice squash with hot water no alcohol in it just warming and christmassy beverage 😋

  • GalaxyA12
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    Firstly something very interesting see saw today Oban Winter Festival foods multiflavoured Teas Very Organic and natural salts I bought 2 Teas rare find ! Please do you know how I could find reliable IBS foods information internet no use and Fodmap only 30% applies to me.

    Pain ? UK ? real bonafide on net wants £30 membership first for IBS sufferers.

    Cocoa with Oat Milk seems nice mix perhaps?

    IBS suggested no hard Chocolate Bars so found Stoats Cocoa Bars good alternative + ? Vegan I am not afraid.

    Best "Galaxy" A12 but can't eat it hah!