Useful gadgets

Does anyone have any ‘go to’ gadgets to help with daily tasks. I discovered this morning that I can’t pinch with enough force to open the seal on milk. I now have a pair of pliers in my kitchen drawer! I have jar openers & ring pull j opener. Anything else you’ve found handy?


  • Fran54
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    I have a grabber gadget which I use to pick things up from the floor with and a step to help me get into the bath. If I find the tops of jars are hard to grip and open, then I use rubber gloves.

  • frogmorton
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    Slotting this in here:

    there are quite a few ideas in this thread @FClayton hope it helps.

    Toni x

  • FClayton
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    Thanks, that list is great. My problem is with my hands & wrists at the moment so small stuff is difficult. I can type & have found a large grip weighted pen which is fine but it's the little things you don't think about until you can't do it. I think I need to invest in an automatic potato peeler for example, as that is now proving too painful & was after some other ideas of that nature so I don't get so frustrated!

  • airwave
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    Rubber bands, care of the postman, useful for opening screw on lids. Penknife for opening letters, parcels, packets and those horrid plastic covers they put on food and most things these days. The seat outside, it’s easier to bring my shoe up to me rather than get down to my shoe. Lightweight battery hoover, the big mains one is too heavy. Electric tin opener. Large sharp knife, much easier to hold and use. A stack of post it’s, I forget everything these days. Solar watch, saves having to wind it up or go and get batteries. A wife, as long as it’s a ‘pink’ job! An iPad, saves driving, paying a parking fee and days spent wandering up and down the high street looking for things. I could go on ;-)

  • RogerBill
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    Strap wrench for tight screw tops, long handled shoe horn, easy grabber for picking things up from the floor and a sock puller.

  • Tom
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    Heavy shopping bags - pass a belt through the bag handles, form a loop using buckle and pass arm through the loop, resting the belt in the crook of the arm, adjust for length. no weight on the wrist or hands and a hand left free for other duties.

  • Mrsdunit
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    Hello @FClayton

    Litter pickers. The cheapest seem best. Lighter.

    Waxy/plastic milk bottle tops - 2 hands holding hot mug on them works.

    I also have several jar openers, mult sizes.

    Most useful tool has mult sized mult level jaws for opening stuff.

    Wooden spoon handles are useful. El

    Kenwood tin opener good, but needs practice.

    Good luck