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  • Hi! I have been diagnosed 4 months ago. I am 31 y old and I would like to connect with others for some peer support- it feels quite lonely as i look OK from the outside but still havent found the right medication and in a lot of pain. I would very much like to connect with others through speaking via zoom or teams perhaps- whatever platform really!

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    Welcome to the forum, @sandrosandrosandro . All first posts go through a moderation process which explains the apparent delay in responses to your post.

    I see that you have been given a diagnosis some four months ago, though you don’t say for what. Here is a link to general information on arthritis.

    You report a problem in settling on the most appropriate medication and feelings of loneliness as you experience pain.

    It is common for the newly diagnosed to have these feelings of loneliness. The forum is a safe and welcoming space intended to provide the peer support you seek. If you want a more personal interaction than the public forum, then you can send a private message through the forum Messaging allows online community members to chat with each other in private. If a member is concerned about the content of a message they can report it and forward a copy of the message to the moderators or Admin team.

    Your emotional reaction to this news is very important to how you progress. Here is an extract from another members post, which I hope will help you:

    “Also I noticed that when I focused my mind too much on my fears or negative predictions about my future dealing with the arthritis that I suffered more, both pain wise and sadness-wise. It is a known fact that your emotional state and how you think about your pain can either increase or decrease your suffering from it. When you have thoughts about the pain never going away or getting worse over time, tell yourself "The pain may get worse but my ability to cope with it is getting better every day." To increase your ability to cope with it there are some good books about managing pain from a psychological standpoint out there - look around and see if one of them is of interest to you or you could also try a few sessions of therapy with a good pain management therapist as well”

    We whish you all then best. Keep posting and let us know how you get on.

    Tom, Moderator.

  • Hi! I have been diagnosed 4 months ago. I am 31 y old and I would like to connect with others for some peer support- it feels quite lonely as i look OK from the outside but still havent found the right medication and in a lot of pain

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    I would be keen to speak to young arthritis sufferers too.. I so commonly get.. oh you're too young to have that!? Which is incredibly unhelpful

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    I absolutely agree with you there Auksev I feel like saying well I have it ☺️ But I also talked to a gentleman who’s near retirement age and it was so heart warming that he could resonate to everything I was talking about xx

  • Hi Everyone,

    New to the community, sadly not new to Osteoarthritis! I was diagnosed a few years ago, and since then, it's gotten worse and worse to the point where I need a THR at the age of 36! I had a doctor look over my most recent X-ray, and he has said it looks like the hip of an 80/90-year-old! I cannot, for the life of me, get an appointment with the Othapedics team on the NHS - I've had two appointments cancelled at short notice, and the latest new appointment is in October.

    So I'm exploring different options - one of those is going abroad, and the other is a potential new employer's health insurance. I used to be very active, playing lots of sports and running at a high standard. Unfortunately, those days feel very far away as I can barely walk!

    Would love to connect with others in a similar situation for some support!



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    Evening @alangrimsley

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum, so pleased you have found us, you will find there are lots of resources and information available to you, please feel free to have a look around the website.

    I see you have osteoarthritis

    I have attached a link below which you may find useful.


    I would also suggest having a look around the other forums as there might be other members that are going through the same thing as you and be able to share their own advice and experiences.

    Let us know how you get on

    Dannii (mod)

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    Hi Alan

    similar situation. 34 and have had RA since I was 21. Really bad flare ups since October last year and in constant pain and constantly fighting for appointments and support.

    was mentioned about a knee replacement at last appointment but doesn’t help in the here and now.

    hope you manage to find a little relief