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Hello, I have just joined this community. I have started 12 week programme. I am finding this programme very useful. I am doing a new programme every day. I have just completed activity no 3 on 3rd day. So far I am finding it easy. I am thinking of incorporating exe for knee and monthly challenge with activity prog. I am wondering if any one has followed similar programme. Thanks



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    Hi @Meena

    Welcome to our online community,great you have found us.

    You are following a programme for activity and wish to know if we have similar programmes. We do its called Move it with Leon. will give you a link.

    Hope these links help you,please let us know how you get on.Do chat to others on the forums everyone is friendly and understand what you are going through as we all have arthritis of some kind.

    Take care and all the best Christine

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    Move with Leon,

    This got me through lockdown and any time my arthritis flairs up I’m onto the I pad. I also go to an over 50’s chair exercise class meeting up it’s others my age who live with arthritis. Recently had a few sessions with the hand therapy team, and I learned how to make life easier. The stupidest of things, following her suggestions I ditched the bath towel, bought a toweling robe and half a dozen face flannels easier on hands less pain, stop pulling up trousers with fingers get hand into trousers and minimize pull told you they were stupid but works for me. I sleep in light hand thumb support an if I can’t sleep lie with my stress balls strengthening my grip hopefully. At moment I’m trying to up my exercise not easy but a walk in our local country park with my well trained dog and I get treated to lunch out in cafe only trouble dog would just go to cafe they feed the dogs biscuits.

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    The 'Let's move with Leon' programme got me through lockdown too!

    Great that you are walking so much @Babbie the dog is getting more exercise i hope he/she can afford a treat🤭

    Take care

    Toni x