Afternoon all,

My left knee is very swollen and so really impeding walking around inside (and standing up from sitting and stairs) but bizarrely isn't painful and doesn't look particularly red or hot to the touch. I spoke to rheumatology end of last week as I had come off the MTX due to the covid/flu jabs so they told me to restart it early which I have done. My bloods have been redone and I've been told that they are 'normal'. I've been told to see how things go over the next couple of weeks but today I feel like I'm struggling with the uncertainty and getting quite emotional just thinking about it.

Anyone else had this so can advise?


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    Hi @JenHB

    Thanks for your message, sorry to hear about your swollen knee. If you are not feeling reassured, then perhaps try and just check in with the healthcare professionals again as it sounds like it is causing you anxiety. Coping with new symptoms can be overwhelming, perhaps also you might want some further support, you can find out more here some options that can be looked at when feeling overwhelmed

    Chatting to people about how you are feeling can also help, so you have come to the right place.

    Best wishes



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    How odd no pain nor heat @JenHB

    I take it rheumatology haven't seen your knee 'in real life'? If it was mine I'd want someone to see it just for reassurance. It sounds as though it's been a good few days now. Odd if bloods are normal.

    Do let us know what happens.

    Toni x

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    I phoned rheumatology again at the start of this week as my knee has got worse in terms of mobility and the other knee is also starting to feel stiff with decreased mobility (but no swelling). I do seem to be having a bit of pain so also taking pain killers. The rheumatology nurse did phone back today and it's now wait until my next appointment end of November (I had completely forgotton about this one) but at least it is a face to face one so they will actually be able to see my knees.

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    That's good @JenHB you have an appointment so soon. Take care and keep doing what you are and you should get there.

    Thinking of you

    Toni x

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    Something else which is probably not at all relevant (and just a coincidence) - at the start of October rheumatology moved me onto shared prescribing for the methotrexate/folic acid with the GP (as it looked like I was stable) so my methotrexate is now from a different manufacturer and so has different excipients. I know that this shouldn't be affecting the uptake/absorption of the methotrexate but it is something I'll mention at my appointment.

  • I don't know whether it applies to arthritis but as well as PsA I also have epilepsy, those on epliespy medication are advised to stick to the same manufacturer for drugs (where possible) as a change can affect how effective the medication is.