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I have chronic back pain and my GP can only suggest I take Morphine. Following my second knee replacement in 2015 I weened myself off it so I am reluctant to restart. No amount of exercise or physiotherapy helps. Any suggestions??


  • Sharon_K
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    Hello Hugs

    welcome to the community. I can really empathize with chronic back pain, it is very draining indeed, Also coming off morphine I appreciate your reluctance to start taking it again. You might find this information useful.

    I think some of our members have similar issues so they are sure to share their xperience with you

    Best Wishes


  • frogmorton
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    Hi @Hugs

    Have you ever seen 'anyone' about your back? I mean have you have an MRI scan/seen an orthopedic consultant for instance?

    It just seems a bit unfair to be told there is nothing at all that can be done.

    I myself was fobbed of like that for over 20 years before finally had surgery which helped so much with my back. Now I get by with a variety of things from my tens machine to pain medication, but I never underestimate the comfort I get from my microwavable wheatbag.

    There's a chap I know who used to come on here @tjt6768 who has regular nerve debridement (I think that's the word) and a female friend who has injections in hers on a rolling programme too. I am sure it does depend what is actually wrong with your back, but I do feel for you.

    At the very least I would have thought your GP would refer you to a pain clinic to see if they can help.

    Toni x