GP access issues - any ideas?

Long story, but I moved over from Argyll to Dundee last year, signed up with a GP who was great. 6 months ago moved to my permanent address and had to change GPs due to catchment area

I've been having other health issues for about 8 weeks. 4 weeks ago I stopped all my arthritis meds to take oral antifungals, developed what I thought was either costocondritis or a chest infection. GP refused to see me, tried to explain this is how I present but wouldn't listen, I was struggling to speak/breath and she insisted I went to A&E. Did so, they weren't happy to see me - confirmed inflammation in chest. A week later tried to get blood results for fungal infection, was told satisfactory - admin couldn't tell me whether the infection was gone or getting better. Phoned each day, no appointments of any kind with anyone, and turned down for an urgent appointment. So, no anti- fungals left, off arthritis meds, still sore to breath. Phoned rheumy nurse to see about going back on talz etc, who phoned back this morning - said bloods look fine but she couldn't say to start back as she could hear I was breathless. Talked about the GP situation and about possibly moving to another surgery, and she said the issue is widespread .

Was wondering if anyone has any advice? Has anyone tried a one off paid GP appointment? I've written a long letter to my GP practice explaining my experience and asking for their advice.

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    Hi @paulinexyz

    Thanks for your message. Am sorry to hear about your experiences. Often as you are aware if you have a long-term health condition it can be really useful to see someone who knows you and knows your medical history as you suggest but not always possible and not always easy to get an appointment. It is difficult to give specific advice on this situation, you could perhaps check in with the Patient Advice and Support Service and see what they suggest

    or our Scotland branch may have locality specific advice too perhaps, you can contact them here

    It is a difficult one and we have heard of difficulty in obtaining appointments with both GP surgeries and rheumatologists at present.

    Hope you feel a bit better also soon

    Best wishes



    Need more help - call our Helpline on 0800 5200 520 Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

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    Thank you, I have written to the practice detailing my experience and asking to meet with a GP to discuss how best to jointly manage my health in this practice, will take it from there.