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Hi I’m Ali , 56 years old…Diagnosed OA in June after x-rays confirmed .I have it in both knees, groin, hip and lower back .Is it normal to keep getting sciatica and shin splints as well??!!🤔😔😔😩😩


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    Hi @Ali66

    Welcome to the online community, it is good to have you here 🙌

    So sorry to hear that it is widespread, it can be possible to have it in any joint unfortunately but it doesn't mean that it spreads and it doesn't always get progressively worse. Sciatica is also a condition that we talk about quite a bit that is something that can be experienced alongside back pain. We don't have any info on shin splints specifically sorry so difficult to answer this one.

    You can find out a bit more here about osteoarthritis in general

    Something that gets talked about alot is capsaicin cream which can be very helpful for pain caused by Osteoarthritis in the knees - it is on prescription - you can ask your GP about it as a suggestion to see if it might help you too perhaps if suitable.

    You could have a look at the Escape-pain programme which is mentioned on our website here

    ESCAPE-Pain: exercise to reduce the pain of osteoarthritis (versusarthritis.org)

    Glad that you are here and hope that you find us a supportive community.

    Best wishes



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    Hi Ali. I have OA in my back and it causes me to suffer from sciatica as well, so you are not alone my friend…Take care…Bella