Is there any point in going back to see my doc

Hi all,

forgive my potentially stupid question. I was diagnosed by physio to have arthritis (both knees) without any tests, X-rays etc. on the back of that my doctor provided on repeat naproxen and cocodamol on an email request from myself, but never spoke to me or requesting me to come in.

Even with the drugs, I can hardly stand for more than five mins and walking more than 400 yards is agony. Getting up from sitting down and going up and down stairs is blinking painful.

so my question is, should I request a doc to look, should I be under a consultant? Is there any other treatment I could be receiving, or realistically are the pain killers I’m already on these best that can be done?

I don’t want to hassle to doc if I’m already getting the best they can do.

Many thanks, Mike.


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    Hi @mikey1963 . It is probably a good idea to make an appointment with your GP. You can ask to be referred to an orthopedic specialist. I would want to know the extent of the damage to the arthritic knees. The orthopedic specialist can arrange x-rays MRI if needed and discuss treatment options. They could also offer knee bracing if needed. I hope this helps

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    It's not hassling. Your doc needs to know if there's deterioration.

    I'm wondering how the physio is going. That's always my first port of call.

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    I am with Stickywicket @mikey1963 I would want t know the extent of damage to my knees. It's possible that they are candidates for surgery who knows if no-one has ever done any imaging at all?

    It's not easy feeling as though you are hassling the Dr, but it is your health and it's important so be brave.🤞 for you and do let us know how you get on.

    Take care

    Toni x

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    Sadly after they decided it was arthritis the physio team just said there’s nothing more they could do. I think think that was more to do with the fact they only get a budget for six sessions and of course, arthritis is more elongated than that.

    yes the extent of the damage I hadn’t considered and therefore the ongoing deterioration so both very good points.

    I will book an appointment up and let you know how I get on, thanks for giving me the reasons to do so. :)

    thank you

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    Great fingers crossed for you🤞

    Waiting to see how you get on now.

    Toni x

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    There are some very useful “exercises for knees” on this site which will help you build up the muscles that support the joint. It’s not a cure, but it may reduce the pain a little and if and when you have surgery, it will aid your recovery if your muscles are in good shape. I do rather despair of physio on the NHS, six sessions is seldom going to make a difference. The main thing with the exercises is you need to do them Every Day, for several months, to see any benefit. Most people give up after a few weeks as they can’t see a difference, but it takes longer than that to get your muscles working properly. Private physios aren’t that expensive, and with mine, she reviews my condition, sets appropriate exercises, and we review again after about 4 weeks to see if we need to change the routine.

    but yes, do hassle your doc for a referral. From what you describe it does sound like you need surgical intervention (measured by pain levels, level of meds needed to manage it, and effect on mobility), and the sooner you get on the list, the sooner it will get sorted. The GP won’t know how bad it’s getting until you tell them.

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    Welcome to our community @mikey1963 I see you have already made contact with some of our friendly members.

    I understand that you painful knee so just adding a link that may be helpful to you:

    Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee | Knee pain | Versus Arthritis

    Stay in touch.

    All the best.