I'm sick of it!

I am lucky as I had a new hip in May. It's fantastic so things could be worse. The other hip is so b****y painful and I really want another new one. The problem is that the first one was done by Nuffield at NHS expense BUT I nearly died. Heart rate was 27 bpm and dropping fast and blood pressure unrecordable. NHS consultant has said I surgery should only be undertaken for life saving purposes as this wasn't the only near miss I've had. The question is, therefore, how the b****y hell do I survive. I do exercises, as prescribed by physio, everyday, I cannot take Ibroprofen as I had a stomach bleed despite taking a ppi. I've taken 2x30mg codeine this am but it isn't very effective. I swim front crawl three times a week. Walking hurts. What else can I do? Anyone any ideas?


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    I think you're doing great at making the most of a bad job. I'm i n a similar but different situation in that, for different reasons, I'm 'inoperable'. Well, i am for orthopaedics, anyway. My ancient THR and antediluvian TKR below it reached the end of their natural lives yonks ago. Like you, I exercise. I also make a point of having fun, doing enjoyable 9distracting) things and getting plenty of laughter with friends and family.

    i would just wonder if different meds might be an option for you. Can you ask your GP to refer you to a Pain Clinic?

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    Yes, Taking one dose of codeine and expecting a result doesn't sound right.

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    Hello @Dingdong welcome to our friendly community, I see you have already made connections.

    I understand that you have had a new hip, hoping to have another. I have attached a link that give you further information:

    All the best.

  • My hip op was very delayed due to the nhs shutting down because of covid. I had several cancellations for a hip replacement for various reasons (even when all changed white socks the lot) but the fourth time, April, i actually got into the operating theatre. It was abandoned quite quickly due to drop in blood pressure and i came round in the recovery room. This was caused by a blocked side artery and i also have moderate blockage in aortic artery.

    The cardios say is ok to go ahead, the anaesthetist consultant talked of dire hazards, and the surgeon doesn't want a death on his op table. Saw surgeon two days ago, and I had asked for x-ray on other hip, which turns out to be quite worn already. He showed me the x-ray. So I have two worn out hips. I can hardly walk now. I don't know how I will cope. I don't know what to do.

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    Hello @Jennifer55 welcome to our friendly community.

    I understand that you had several cancellations for a hip replacement, with the other hip also worn out. Should you feel the need to talk to someone we have a Helpline the telephone number is 0800 5200 520.

    I have also attached a link for you to have a look at:

    Keep posting as you will connect with other members who can offer some advise.

    All the best.