Psoriatic arthritis flare ups

Hi I’m currently taking tremfyra and have finally got though a two month flare up. I’ve been on a number of medications and this is not unusual for me!

can this, at least twice be stopped or shortened? And has anyone got a pain plan for flare ups.

thank you. Kate



  • stickywicket
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    Hello? I don't have PsA. Mine's RA but the flares are equally nasty.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean when you write 'can this, at least twice be stopped or shortened'. Flares? Why twice? Meds? You'd need to ask your rheumatology team. Some meds can be stopped and re-starteď successfully. Others can't.

    I think, with flares, we just have to be gentle with ourselves. Getting stressed over what needs doing just makes arthritis worse. If you're getting a lot of flares, though, you probably need your meds tweaking. Best talk to your rheumatologist.

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