LASIK or any other type of eye surgery?

Has anyone here ever undergone corrective eye surgery? If yes, what procedure did you undergo... LASIK? Is there anything else? Are there any other/better solutions available now? I'm becoming blind as a bat [have astigmatism] and have desired eye surgery for a long time, but I'm terrified of things going wrong and my eyes getting messed up. I did eventually get a raise, so now that I can justify the cost of eye surgery a bit more easily, I'm just trying to muster the guts to go under the knife... um... laser.

Oh, besides that, I am under treatment for fibromyalgia!

What are your thoughts? Can someone share your experience?


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    Hello @Tedberg I am sorry but you have come to the wrong community to ask your question - we are an arthritis community. You briefly mention fibromyalgia and as a community we would be happy to support you with that and any affects you get from it. Perhaps you could elaborate more? in the meantime, have a look at

    Best wishes

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