For Hydrochloroquine users?

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is a repetitive post, but I'm just struggling to find any info and I'm still waiting to see the rheum consultant despite being referred as urgent. I got diagnosed with RA (after a long, painful diagnostic journey) a few months ago. I am on Hydrochloroquine tablets twice a day. I've been on them for just over 6 weeks. I thought things would slowly get better but my symptoms have only progressed in severity and in the affected joints in this time. I expected to feel better and am feeling more depressed and frustrated as more time passes, thinking that I will have to start another treatment and go through this long process of waiting again whilst feeling so terrible...

Does this suggest that the drug isn't going to work at all? When I began treatment I had fairly good use of my left wrist and now I am struggling to move either wrist, and struggling with daily tasks like dressing. I'm also experience crazy levels of fatigue and have become a sleep monster.

I was interested in experiences of others on Hydrchloroquine, good or bad. I read online that it only prompts an immune response in around 60% of people. If it does start to induce an immune response, would it happen suddenly or would you expect to see gradual improvement? Would it work on all affected joints at once, or might it be more sporadic than that?

Any experiences would be very appreciated!


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    Hello @nellooo I don't take this but have a look through the following to see if it helps

    Maybe you should try and get an appointment with your GP or consultant (not an easy task I know) and see if they can help.

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    I saw your post before @nellooo

    your question is difficult to answer.

    I started out on hydroxy and it was fine (upset my belly a bit but soon sorted that out myself) and I thought initially it was working well although really I was possibly just coming to the end of a flare.

    It is one of the 'milder' DMARDs along with sulfasalazine that's true, but I think Rheumatologists do tend to make us do the full 12-16 weeks before they consider adding anything else to the mix so you might need to hang on in there.

    With most DMARDs it seem to be a gradual improvement nothing overnight except for steroids which are only ever a temporary solution.

    Wishing you all the best and hope it works for you.

    take care

    Toni x