IBS recipes advice also Severe Arthritis

Found gloshospitals NHS site usefull but no recipes or such ideas.An6 experiences ideas please Eating a real problem healthily.



  • stickywicket
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    I've no recipe advice as such, @GalaxyA12 , as I don't have IBS but the BBC has lots here https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/low-fodmap-recipes and, if you google IBS recipes, there are books you can buy. Good luck.

  • Keef
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    I had no idea IBS and Arthritis was connected until my doc told me a few years back.

    IBS sufferer since my early 20’s and now riddled with arthritis.

    unfortunately I don’t have any recipes as such, I just know what foods to avoid and to try and not get stressed out about stuff.

    i still resort to not eating when I’m really bad, which apparently is the worst thing to do but it works for me. Also tramadol very much helps withthe IBS and the depression and I can’t do without it now.

    Keep a food diary was good advice. With everything written down there is no ambiguity about what you can cope with.