A Year Later No Proper Answers Fed Up

Started last year with vertigo to cut a long story short after an 8 week wait the M.R.I showed osteo in my cervical spine with nerve compression on one side. After waiting 9 months got to see neuro surgeon he told me the pain I have is not from the nerve compression . He referred me for nerve tests which showed carpal tunnel on one side. I have muscle spasms on the opposite side to the nerve compression and pain in my feet and legs . He now says I need to see rheumatologist. Just feel like my G. P s just wasn't bothered once I got neurology appointment . So now am back to square one in pain and fatigue for a year . I just feel like everyone in the medical profession isn't taking seriously just how bad am feeling most days


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    Hi @Coopersmam

    It sounds as though you probably have more than one thing going on. I remember years ago my ex MIL going to see a 'generalist' he was a consultant who was able to look at all of her conditions rather than just pigeonhole her symptoms.

    I am sorry it feels like you're back to square one it must be so frustrating.

    It's also very frustrating having to 'push' all the time it's like they don't have time to just automatically follow our health concerns up unless we keep on hassling them. ((()))

    Take care

    Toni x

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  • Hi @Coopersmam thank you for posting on the online community.

    I am so sorry to hear about the journey you’ve been on trying to find out what’s been going on for you. It can be really quite distressing when we feel the GP isn’t bothered about us, and not taking us seriously.

    As Toni says it must be so frustrating feeling like your back to square one. Hopefully once you see the rheumatologist some light may be shone on the situation you’re encountering.  I am also wondering if a pain clinic might be helpful to you, this is something you could discuss with your GP.

    If you would like to hear about other people’s experiences and get further support, please re post on the living with arthritis forum.

    Best wishes


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    I hear you and can empathise with you.

    I’ve had osteoarthritis for a long time even though I’m only 53 now and I kept on and on at the docs saying I was in pain for which they prescribed painkillers and then finally three or four years ago they said I could go for an MRI with a view to surgery. Unfortunately I think they thought I was too young to have extensive damage to my spine but that’s what the MRI showed and No surgery was possible.

    My neck is going the same way with pain and virtigo but again there’s nothing can be done.

    Rather than wasting time and energy hating the docs for not diagnosing me earlier I am thankful for the care they’ve given me lately. Free letters to the bluebadge and wheelchair people to get me all set up and they always have time for me.

    I hope you find the same level of care soon.