Proud & stubborn

... or at least that's what my husband calls me.

My 10 hour days/50 hour wks at work are knocking the stuffing out of me.

I drive a 16 seater minibus door to door collecting & assisting a diverse range of locals who, for whatever reason, are unable to use public transport.

By Thursday I'm on my knees, or at least I would be if they were less swollen, bent more and I could rise to standing afterwards :)

I'm riding a steroid high and beginning wk3 of Sulphasalazine. I don't notice any redness over joints but experience puffiness, soreness and heat and the end of a working day. Some days it can feel like I've over-done it at a gym. Tired, aching, sore and hot spots.

A positive connected to being at work and using a range of different movements throughout the day is that joints ease up. Work better. Move more freely. But there's a cost to that cometh the PM.

Mr Moving slowly suggests I work part time. Reduce my hours and workload. This appears to make logical sense until I remember how stiff and sore I feel when doing very little.

I guess I could say I'm afraid of seizing up altogether and while I'm still able to move around I should like to continue thank you very much :) Make the most of the opportunity to do so. Doing less, ie, part time, to me, feels like giving up and giving in.

It's at this point my husband rolls his eyes and jests that I'm too stubborn for my own good.

My workplace is great. Give me automatic buses to drive with power steering. (less knee & ankle bending with clutch change and control and shoulder/finger or grip use on steering) So while the equipment I use stresses my joints less,

the length of my working day and the amount of repetition of movements during 10 hours appears to be the culprit and so part time hours seem like a 'no brainer'

I think I'm afraid of the unknown. I anticipate I'll experience more stiffness if I do less. I'm not keen on that option.


  • Baloo
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    I sat down one day recently and tried to identify how I feel at different levels of fatigue, what mood do I get into physically and mentaly. It's given me more confidence that I know whats happening.

  • Lilymary
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    "Proud and stubborn" can also be seen as fearless and determined, and an indicator of great inner strength. But we also need to recognise when we are asking too much of our bodies, and that takes strength and courage too. It sounds like you've reached a point where maybe a bit of self-care is becoming more important. Arthritis is, after all, pretty relentless.

    Working part time sounds like a good compromise, as it sounds like you basically enjoy your work, and you'll keep some money coming in, but your body really isn't getting enough time to recover from all the inflammation it causes to your joints. Working reduced hours doesn't necessary mean you're going to sit down and seize up. You can focus on more gentle exercise on your days off to keep the rest of your body going, eg swimming, cycling, gentle walks, or home-based exercise such as the Lets Move with Leon programme. Things like light gardening are also good, as you get into all sorts of stretching and toning positions without realising. You may find that your body loosens up more for working less and doing something different with your time.

    I've had to accept changing how I work too as a result of my now wonky body, it's not easy, but it seems worth it when you realise you feel physically, and mentally, much better. Pushing myself all the time is very much self imposed pressure when the option of working part time is available, and if it isn't being driven by financial necessity (although that's a worry to everyone these days), do consider it.

  • Woofy
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    I was diagnosed this year with RA. Reading your post, reminds me a bit of how I feel. I finished my steroids about a month ago, and now taking Sulphsalazine, I’m 7 weeks in. I have a small dog walking business, so like you no choice but to keep going.

    I do struggle, but keep going. The dogs don’t know I have RA, and I’d like to keep it that way lol. The pain is hard to stomach sometimes, but I reach retirement age in 82 weeks😀can’t wait. How are you finding the tablets. I have some Naproxen left over from when I first started my journey. The hospital told me to take them if I need to,I am also stubborn, so only take half a tablet, in the morning ,and the other half in the evening if needed.

    It has been hard road, but I am determined to carry on as best I can. Some days better than others.