Knee locking (stuck)


When I stand in one position for a few minutes or more minute, I physically cannot move, I find it hard to turn. I have try and bend a knee before I can position my leg for the next step. my knees have gradually got worse over the years, I've been told the cartilage has worn down in both knees, one knee is worse than the other.

I have other health issues which I can join at least 5 other different forums for, but these other issues have means I cannot have anesthetic operation and the epidural injection would be traumatic for me. Even if you have operations the recovery time in older age is longer, then you have to balance out do live with the condition I have or spend 2/3 year with no independence what so ever, and be a burden on someone else.

There have been many medical improvements, but not many cures. Sometimes we hear it on the news, "scientists have made a break-through drug" that might help sufferers of x, y or z health condition, then you hear it will take 10-15 years to be approved or they carry out more tests. However nothing to cure many health conditions even though billions of money has been poured into research.

Just so the moderators know I am providing background to my overall frustration; when in one year they have come out with a covid-19 vaccine, but in several years or decades they can't find answers and cures for first sign of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and create a solution to prevent it, slow it, or cure it.

Everything people receive from the doctors these days is just "pain management" nothing else, that's if you manage to see a doctor in person. I am elderly now and cannot even get to see a GP in the surgery when I need to.

I've tried million of different lotions, including capsaicin based ones. Does anyone have any info on my type of knee locking? anything that helped, my cartilage has worn and it effectively bone on bone in one knee and very thin on the other knee, with potential bone spurring happening next.

Has anyone used knee braces/supports do these help? Did you get it fitted from a physio or off the shelf?

If you read this one, Thank you for reading/listening.


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    Hello @igotarthritis

    welcome to the community and thank you for sharing and explaining your frustration at the lack of cures for your problem with locking knees and arthritis. I can honestly say you are not alone and many of us would like to see ome new treatments and cures coming along. It sounds as if you really do need to see someone for some extra help. It is difficult to get a GP appointment these days but it seems to me that you really need one. It can be very hard o be persistant but I would certainly encourgae you to explain why you urgently need to see some one.

    Are you able to refer yourself to a physiotherapist? I know some places do this whilst other places mean you need to go through your GP. I suggest that calling out helplines for support might be useful aswell

    It might also be possible to do some gentle knee stretching exercises if they help

    I am sure our members will share their ideas too

    Best Wishes