medication sulphazaline

been on Sulphazalazine 3 years, it works real slow, anyone else use it? like to hear from you and your views


  • Woofy
    Woofy Member Posts: 159

    Hi. I’ve just started fairly recently, week seven I believe.

    I think it is helping albeit slowly. I was taking Hydroxychloraquine when first diagnosed, but had some side effects, so had to stop that.

    I have had a couple of courses of steroids ( the magic tablets) Have you got RA?

  • shuttle5788
    shuttle5788 Member Posts: 11

    Hello Woofy, yes i have had the same problems as you,that Hydro thing screwed my stomach up like it was giving me cramps and sickness,i can"t take steriods as i have another problem,Sulphazalazine slow working but better than nowt!

  • Woofy
    Woofy Member Posts: 159

    Hi shuttle5788

    i got mouth ulcers and a rash over my body, and muscle cramps.

    I took Hydroxychloraquine for 9 weeks. Have been much better on Sulhazalazine. I was given the steroids to dampen down the inflammation. It’s hard waiting for the meds to kick in. Are you having regular b/t now? I’ve been having bloods done every 2 weeks, but now they are monthly. If you have any tips on helping with the pain please let me know. it is worse for me first thing, and from about tea time onwards. Wake early most mornings, usually getting up for a cuppa. Did you take tablets to keep your tummy stable? I take one every morning.