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HI, Iam new to the groups, i wondered if anyone knew of any ideas to help me grasp things in my hands,left hand worse than the right,i can manage the kettle and using keys to get into cupboards etc,it seems the rhumatlology department at my local hospital mislaid my file,no action for 2 years and more, iam fuming mad and i asked myGP who prescribed me sulphazalazine which helps a little but i feel betrayed,ANY help or tips appreciated

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    After my diagnosis I was given an appointment with an occupational therapist and she gave me a sheet of silicone which is great for gripping lids etc. - simple but very effective.

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    that"s great, Fif you are diamond

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    Hi @shuttle5788

    I've a similar issue with my hands. One of the simplest things I was given by the occupational therapist I saw was two tubes of dense foam. They are a bit like a dense version of the stuff you insulate water pipes with only denser and harder. They slide onto the handle of knives and forks and allow me to grip my cutlery when eating. I've also bought a number of devices that help in the kitchen - Stand mixer, one cup hot water dispenser, jar lid opener, electric can opener etc. If you do a search on kitchen aids - or even just aids - you'll get a number of threads with good advice.

    I also wear compression gloves.