I just don't know

Hi to all

I have been struggling for some time now I have done so many e consults yo my gp with not much help back .

I saw a rhumatoid doc last year for all of five minutes he told me I had spondylitis in my neck referred me to physio now I have had issues with my hands and elbows for at least three years to the point the pain was terrible .

I have now got to a point that the pain in my neck ended with me going to a&e the headaches I get from this neck pain are awful to the point where I can't cope with it anymore .I had taken to many painkillers because the pain was so bad I couldn't remember what I had taken .

My gp some time back referred me for an xray only for the hospital to reject it saying it was an age related issue my argument it I don't know what issue it is because I have had no proper investigation into this .

I am now in limbo and still in stupid amounts of pain can anyone please advise anything I can do thank you.


  • Gemgems
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    That's awful - I'm sorry you're having a rubbish time 😢 I am no expert and very new to this being recently diagnosed, but could you ask your GP for another referral to rheumatology? As I understand it they should be overseeing all of your care and walking you through different treatments, rather than lumping you off to physio and that's it.

    I hope you're able to get some relief soon.

  • kaza68
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    Hi I am asking quite regularly for help from my gp I got referred for an mri three weeks ago but have yet heard nothing .

    I have also made a complaint to my l9cal hospital concerning my rejection of an x ray again I have heard nothing xx

  • airwave
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    I’ve had a similar response for many years, GP says ‘it’s just more (osteo) arthritis’ what painkillers can I give you? I have felt so beaten down over the years, so underappreciated and so confounded by absolute denial when I knew there was something else going on with me. When the Pulmonary Consultant said she was going to refer me to the Rheummy and he wouldn’t dare refuse her, I went home and cried, it was just like a cork being popped. I’m not given to hystronics or even showing my feelings, I was prepared to go to my grave as things were.

    So in the words of the great man, just keep bu££ering on! You’ll get to where you’re going one day.

    its a grin. Honest!