Good Slip on Shoes Just after A Hip Replacement

Hi Everyone,

Would like to prevail on your knowledge and experience again.

I always prefer lace up shoes, so need to buy some shoes for the weeks immediately following hip replacement surgery, to include outdoor wear when I'm able.

Any womens shoes anyone can recommend? I need to buy a shoe horn as well.

Also, are backless slippers OK post op?

Thanks Everyone,

Sheelee x


  • RogerBill
    RogerBill Member Posts: 222

    Hi @Sheelee Although I'm only a mere male 😊 I found Skechers slip on shoes to be good after my hip operation and I've since bought another couple of pairs. The cushioned soles are great for shock absorption which is a key benefit for after the op. Also mine have quite wide soles and heels which give a bit more side to side stability which I found a useful confidence boost because after the op I wobbled a little and needed to get used to a slight change in leg length. At full price Skechers can be expensive but they're quite easy to find at heavily discounted prices. One disadvantage is that they don't last as long as my tougher lace up walking shoes and boots.

    I don't think I'd be happy wearing backless slippers after the op especially if you need to tackle stairs.

  • Sheelee
    Sheelee Member Posts: 152

    Thanks RogerBill,

    I called in on Skechers today to see what they had. They had some that were called "hands free" that didn't have elasticated fronts. Didn't have time to try some on but will call back and see how "hands free" they are.


  • frogmorton
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    Morning @Sheelee

    I 100% concur with @RogerBill 's skechers suggestion best bought from those retail places if possible where they can be cheaper.

    They look a bit frumpy but needs must eh? I also have some boots which I have put elastic laces into?

    Don't forget the long long long handled shoe horn!

    Toni x

  • Loggiemod
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    Luckily I can still ride my motorbike (it is my peace and tranquiity - once I put on the helmet I shut the world out) but the thing that got me is trying to pull up the zips on the boots. So I shopped around and bought a simple gadget that you hook throught the zip and it has a big handle I can grip and can pull up the zip with it

  • MaureenB
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    I had to hunt out one of my few pairs of slip ons after my hip replacement, they were originally from Ecco. Have you thought of looking in a charity shop? I had trouble finding slippers with a solid sole and a back , even the granny sort, and then remembered my mum's Uggs. So warm and comfortable. Definitely get the long handled shoe horn.