Having so much trouble now its colder. pains and aches and lack of circulation. Time of year I know doesn't help. I cannot get inspired to walk and feeling so tired. How to cope. Don't want to put heat on too much as too expensive. At the moment I have 2 layers on, a scarf and a hot water bottle! I have osteoarthritis in hands, feet, back and both hips.


  • Anna
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    Hi @rosie159 ,

    Have you seen the new Christmas Let's move with Leon video? You can do the exercises sitting down and I find that Leon and his Mum are so jolly they always cheer me up. You'll be exercising without knowing it, and getting warm as well!

    Anna (Mod)

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  • airwave
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    Usually if I get up and do something I’ll keep warm but today was different, two thick jumpers didn’t help and since I was varnishing I didn’t wear decent clothes, next option was just to get on and do my jobs quickly but my hands were cold! I tidied up and moved back inside but didn’t warm up so I resorted to the spending of the government money and put the heating on but turned down to 19 degrees, a hot bath helped. Well, that’s what it’s for.

    The hot water bottle sounds good, I expect hot cuppa tea worked as well? Perhaps warming one room up would help? Or a small handheld charcoal heater in your pocket?

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • Sheelee
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    Hi rosie159,

    I've been out tonight. Very cold, and, as you say, very painful. There is no doubt my pain level has gone up this week, so I know exactly what you mean.

    I live in social housing, and the block runs on the local district heating. I hate to make you feel sick, but it is so cheap. I can get a my annual fuel (ie everything) for less than a friend paid, pre current madness, for her winter gas bill. And, I'm afraid, that includes our water rates.

    Particularly these days, it is worth £1000s per year, literally. I really don't envy you. I may have been cold outdoors. Now I'm home I'm OK. I wish I could give you some.

    You have my sympathy rosie159. It's a nightmare.

    Sheelee xx

    PS Any chance of getting to a social cafe? Cheap, nutritious food, and free heating. Just a thought. X

  • rosie159
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    I am in Northern Ireland we have not received our goverment money yet and probably won't till next year if at all! Joke! I am English have been here for 21 yrs and can't wait to retire to Scotland in a couple of yrs lol

    anyway its a bit milder today...still cold hands though.

    I just feel my body is suffering worse with each joke!

    Roll on the Spring lol!