Arthritis flare up ???

Hi I need advice please . I have Osteoarthritis in both knees both feet and both ankles & synovitis in both hands . I started biological injections adalimumab in October ( I've had 5 injections now)

On Monday evening last week I started with terrible pains in my legs I could barely walk I just presumed it was the arthritis then by Wednesday it had spread to my neck , arms, wrists , shoulders and now my hands . I saw my gp ythry did an emergency blood test as I could barely move my immflamotary markers where 50 over the range my gp thinks arthritis flare up, I spoke to the clinic yesterday they don't think it's the injections, I'm at a loss I'm taking the oramorph the gp prescribed but the pain is ridiculous , I've been sleeping in the chair for 9 nights now because it hurts to lie on my shoulders my question is can you get such a bad flare up from Osteoarthritis & does a flare up affect other areas if you don't think there's arthritis there ? My gp said yes but I don't know what to think & I feel like it's never going to stop 😭😭


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    Yes @zuko2515 if its not a flare up, probably your first one, then I am a monkeys uncle. When Arthritis first struck I was near paralysed and slept in a chair. It started in my legs, I though I had pulled muscles, it spread to my arms as they now had to carry the weight of getting out of bed, and it was impossible to do it anyway. I had to set up a rope to pull myself up, which was probably a mistake as it meant more strain on the shoulders. Ever since I have taken to sleeping on my back with a foot wedge to help my legs. And for a while a neck pillow. Get the weight off your shoulders and see how it feels. My hands and feet swelled up too, until it came under control from treatment an eventually calmed down.