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Hi everyone, 👋🏻 thank you for letting me join, I have enjoyed reading all your stories. I’m having my hip replacement on 15th Dec with a spinal block. Now I know this may seem unusual but this I find really exciting. The nurse at my pre op asses said I could have as much or as little sedation as I want, but tbh I don’t want any. I can’t wait to watch and listen to what they are saying. Has anyone else not have sedation with spinal block and found it ok? X


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    Hello, @Julie1968 and a very warm welcome to the community. I see that you are due to have a hip replacement on the 14thDecember that you have opted for a spinal block and are looking forward to being part of the process.

    This link should take you to a post from July ’22 by a member who did exactly that. I hope you find it helpful.


    Please post with details of how you get on.

     Good luck.

     Tom, Moderator.

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    Just remember that you can ask for sedation after they’ve started the procedure should you need to. 😉

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    Hi there, I recently had a hip replacement on 28 october with spinal block, it was so easy, and I asked for sedation so I would sleep. I am not sure that I would do that again, I think it might have been better psychologically to have been more aware. I think you are doing the right thing, my friend had less sedation and found it fascinating.