Low lymphocytes - anyone had this problem?

Just had a message from my GP to say my lymphocytes are slightly low. She wants another blood test in 3 to 4 weeks which is standard for me anyway. Just wondered how worried I should be. To complicate matters we're in Europe for the next 3 months. My consultant was happy with this as long as I organised tests whilst I was away. Any feedback would be much appreciated.


  • Grizelda
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    I’m fairly certain I’ve had this in the past but it wasn’t a problem for me. After living with RA and PsA for nearly 20 years, I’ve found that it’s fairly common to have test results for different things, which are slightly below or above normal. Hope that’s of help and good luck with yours!

  • Fif
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    Thanks for that. It's always reassuring to find you're not alone. I'm comparatively new to this and a bit of a worrier! I'll see what the results of the next test brings.

  • jamieA
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    Hi @Fif

    My GP informed me last year that my blood test had revealed a low white blood cell count. She said it was quite common in patients with inflammatory arthritis - possibly because of the drugs you are on and the fact your bloods get tested regularly picks it up. Are you taking omeprazole or any other PPI? I was taking omeprazole at the time but have stopped it as I no longer take NSAIDs. I was given a course of vitamin B12 and I'm now taking a vitamin D suppliment permanently. I was asked to change my diet slightly. I've always ate my 5 a day fruit and vegetables so I changed to fortified cereal for breakfast with a glass of fresh orange juice, drink a glass of milk every day and eat more oily fish. I haven't had a recurrence.

  • TLee
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    I saw this on the report from recent blood tests, but my doctor never mentioned it so I figured it was not a big deal. I had just recovered from covid-19 (mild case, thank goodness & the vaccine), and I'm guessing that it is a normal thing to see after an infection of some kind.

  • Fif
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    Thanks. That all makes sense. Hopefully things will be back to normal after my next test.

  • Catkins1971
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    Hi. I was on methotrexate for about 15 years and over that time, my lymphocytes went down to 0.7 and don’t seem to want to recover. In fact I think they’ve now gone lower. The rheumatologist said that’s just normal for me. I’ve also had low platelets and low white blood count since my first covid jab.🤔 I’ve come off methotrexate now and started rituximab last July with a course of steroids. Since coming off steroids last weekend, starting to feel a bit of pain again. I think not to worry too much about the lymphocytes being a little low and see what the next blood test shows.